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Vimport LLC
was founded in 2002.

Basic activities at the time of establishment were import and distribution of audio/video equipment, heathers, air-conditioners and small home appliances..

For years we have worked on developing the market and, at the same time, we have been trying to follow the world trends and be among the first in Serbia in the field of innovation, in order to offer only the best to our customers.

FOX electronics brand has been present on Serbian market since 2004.

Very quickly, it became the synonym for excellent quality at an affordable price.

Thanks to the implementation and use of the newest technologies, as well as to high-quality materials and excellent design, FOX devices are manufactured in a way that they fit perfectly into contemporary lifestyle.

Since the very beginning, the company has dealt successfully with all challenges of running and managing business in Serbia and it became one of the leading companies in a world of consumer electronics very quickly.

We are proud to say that we are still on top today.

The company introduced SMART TVs with Android platform to its customer in 2014.

In the same year, the company opened a TV manufacturing factory in Serbia, thus providing better and more efficient quality control. This also enabled company to adjust FOX devices to the needs of domestic market.

Start of manufacturing in Serbia brings many benefits, such as:

  • Quality control
  • Development of new products
  • Improvement of design
  • Stock stability
  • The efficiency of after-sales support


The quality of a product is guaranteed by the implementation of the newest technologies, rigorous controls regarding the quality of the materials and the manufacturing process itself, as well as by the years of experience and wide knowledge.


Thanks to constant monitoring of shifting boundaries of innovation, FOX devices are a combination of modern design and elegance. Guided by a modern way of living and a need for simplicity, design of FOX devices fits in all surroundings and perfectly captures the fact that FOX products are timeless.


Thanks to the development of stable market position, patience and willingness to adapt to purchasing power of a consumer, FOX brand offers top quality at an affordable price.


An extended warranty period, highly-developed post-sale service network, efficient service in the shortest term possible on the territory of whole Serbia offer complete safety throughout the purchase.


Behind every successful brand are people. Fox electronics team consist of educated, dedicated, curious and creative individuals who use their knowledge and experience to affect the successful development and high quality of FOX devices.


Merging of quality and technology, knowledge and experience in manufacturing combined with perfect design resulted in creation of well-known image of FOX brand on market. Visual identity contributes to a determination of a customer throughout a selection of new FOX devices.


In 2015, FOX brand was honoured with traditional and prestige award – Top Serbian Brands – in a category: corporate brand and consumer electronics.

In the same year, Vimport LLC, manufacturer and general representative of FOX brand, was honoured with Excellent SME (awarded by Serbian Chamber of Commerce).

In 2016, Vimport LLC again was honoured with Excellent SME (awarded by Serbian Chamber of Commerce) as one more confirmation of good solvency and credibility.

In the same year, the company won BIZNIS PARTNER 2016 award in category of consumer electronics. This award was a confirmation of a success of a business and regional recognition.

In September 2016, Vimport LLC won one more prestigious award »BRAND LEADER AWARD 2016«. Company is awarded by professional collegium of 6th Business conference „South East Europe Tourism – SEET 2016“  for continuous growth and innovative strategies, set higher standards, improving the market, thus giving exceptional contribution to popularization of economic potential as well as creating competitive market image of the Region, in a consumer electronics category.

Certificate titled »Customers FRIEND« awarded by prestigious institution ICERTIAS – International Certification Association GmbH in Zurich, Switzerland, was awarded VIMPORT LLC for 2016/2017, as confirmation of excellent in providing quality products and services to customers and clients.

Certificate ‘’Trustworthy Company 2016’’ confirms the recognition of the good reputation of our company among clients and business associates and reflects the high level of satisfaction of our customers. Our company is awarded by the Centre for opinion research in October 2016.

Our work has once again been awarded: gold plaque in the category of corporate brand-consumer electronics for 2016..

We do not believe in coincidence. We trust in knowledge and work …. And then someone recognizes it. And so for 3 years in a row: Vimport, the manufacturer and the representative of the brand FOX, won the awards of “Excellent Small and Medium Enterprise – Excellent SME Serbia” awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, and represents a confirmation of the good performance, reliability and credibility of our company in the market.

Confidence as well as many important things in life can not be bought. It deserves, builds and preserves. That is why we are proud to re-acquire the “Trustworthy Company” certificate awarded by the Center for Client Opinion Research and confirming the good reputation of our company both among clients, business associates and among all of you who gave us confidence in purchasing FOX devices. Thank you.

In 2019, VIMPORT DOO was again awarded with the Excellent SME Serbia certificate. We continue to work and strive to justify your trust in the years ahead!

In 2019, FOX brand the third time receive the traditional and prestigious recognition of Top Serbian Brands 2018 in the category: BEST BRAND – CONSUMER GOODS.

This year again, the Center for Customer Opinion Research presented our company with the Certificate “Trustworthy company 2020”, which confirms the good reputation of one company, both among clients and business associates and among all of you who have shown us trust by purchasing FOX devices. Thank you.

We are proud to be able to boast of building our reputation constantly and entering this year with the Certificate of Elite Member “Trust Company” awarded by the Center for Client Opinion Research and confirming the good relationship between our company and our clients, business associates and all of you which you trust us again and again by purchasing a FOX device. Thank you

For the fifth year in a row, Vimport, a manufacturer and representative of the FOX brand, has won the award “Excellent Small and Medium Enterprise – Excellent SME Serbia” awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. We continue with the tradition of good creditworthiness and credibility, with which we justify your trust


Because recognition is important!

Original and only corporative logo of FOX electronics brand consists of 3 elements:

  • FOX symbol
  • FOX name
  • Print Be smart

It is used for print and online advertising, on boxes of products, on shopping bags and other promotional material.


It is used on devices.


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