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Fox motto is the motto of smart shoppers

Televisions occupy a central place in every household.

Today, the selection of screen sizes, other possibilities and functionalities is very large, but what our company cares about particularly is a quality device. The term product quality is a complex concept and is a constant human companion in everyday life and work. We say that the products are of high quality, if they are proven to be durable and economical in use. We, as a company that produces TV sets, have done our best to make sure that by choosing FOX devices you are certain that we have invested all our knowledge and experience in quality so that our devices meet all the requirements and overall requirements of our consumers.

Modern design and
state-of-the-art technology

FOX devices combine modern design and state-of-the-art technology. They are so carefully designed to meet the requirements of consumers who are looking for functional, quality and design solutions for their home. The implementation of the latest generation technology through strict quality control of materials and the entire production process, as well as extensive knowledge and many years of experience, guarantee a reliable and quality product.

In the 21st century, quality is in the first place for the modern consumer, followed by functionality and the answer to as many requests as possible. Since 2004, we have been addressing the needs and habits of consumers in order to respond in the right way. We have been developing the market and our devices for years, and then we used all our knowledge and experience and packed the most important requirements of the end user into one device – a TV. In 2014 we started the production of FOX TV devices in Serbia. Production in Serbia has brought us numerous benefits, for us as producers, but also for our customers. The modern production line, which includes the most modern equipment and production line, makes a TV device come out of our factory that can stand side by side with the TVs of the most prestigious world brands. We can freely say that after many years of experience, we have combined the means of information, entertainment for the whole family, help with work tasks into one domestic – Serbian product. Success comes as a result of our customer satisfaction!

Success comes as a result of our customer satisfaction!

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