Consent for the use of personal data

The company Vimport d.o.o. Beograd, Batajnički drum 23, 11000 Belgrade (Zemun), MB: 17407864, PIB: 101743120 (hereinafter: “Vimport”), respects the privacy of your personal data and undertakes to protect them in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law harmonized with the European regulation GDPR (Official Gazette of RS No. 87/2018 of 13.11.2018, which applies from 20.08.2019) hereinafter: “Personal Data Protection Law”.

Personal data is collected at the time of your registration on the Vimport website (for example via the registration form, subscription to the newsletter) or when you voluntarily disclose it when, for example, conducting a customer survey, giving feedback, participating in competitions or applying for jobs via sending a work curriculum vitae (CV). If you do not want to leave your personal data that we request from you, there is a possibility that you will not be able to access certain parts, services or functions of the Internet pages or we will not be able to provide you with an answer to your question.

The personal data collected, processed and used by Vimport in the manner and according to the conditions specified in this Agreement are:

• Your personal name and surname,

• Your address of permanent residence/residence,

• Your e-mail address,

• Telephone, mobile phone and/or fax number,

hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”.

Personal data is primarily collected for:

• records of the warranty period,

• our internal statistical data processing,

• promotion of new products and services,

• the possibility of sending publications, brochures and other advertising material,

• market research and similar related activities,

hereinafter referred to as “Purpose of processing”.

Finally, by using this Site, your computer will automatically reveal certain technical and other data which we will collect (such as your network address, browser type and information about the party that referred you to our Site) for operational and security reasons, and to a better understanding of how our Sites are used.

By consenting to the use of Personal Data, you consent to your Personal Data being used, processed, transferred and stored by the company Vimport or any company hired by the company Vimport for the purpose of performing auxiliary tasks of processing Personal Data, which may be located outside the Republic of Serbia, and that in the member states of the European Union and the USA (all together from now on in the text: “Vimport Group”) for the above-mentioned Processing Purposes without the obligation for Vimport to inform you about each individual use of Personal Data beforehand.

Except as expressly stated above, we will not use, process, transfer or make your Personal Data available to any third legal or natural persons without your additional consent, except for cases of use of Personal Data that do not require your prior consent, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law about the person (such as: cases when the collection of Personal Data is necessary in order to realize or protect the vital interests of you or another person, especially life, health and physical integrity, cases when the collection of Personal Data is necessary for the purpose of fulfilling obligations specified by law , an act passed in accordance with the law or a contract concluded between a person and a handler, as well as for the purpose of preparing the conclusion of a contract, for the purpose of collecting funds for humanitarian needs and in other cases specified by law).

This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to Vimport websites, and does not apply to third party websites. Vimport’s website may contain links to websites that may be of interest to you. Furthermore, due to the known characteristics of the Internet, we cannot guarantee the level of privacy protection standards on such sites, nor take responsibility for the content of non-Vimport sites. This Privacy Policy is not intended to apply to any site that does not belong to Vimport, whose link may be found on Vimport’s Internet pages. Whenever you use links to other sites, you should be careful and read the privacy policy of the site in question.

By giving your consent to the use of Personal Data, you declare that you agree that your Personal Data is protected by Vimport as a business secret: all persons who have access to that Personal Data, regardless of whether they are authorized employees of Vimport and/or companies engaged by on the part of Vimport, Vimport specifically commits to the duty of keeping data confidential. In addition, only the authorized persons of Vimport have the right to access your Personal Data and only to the extent that it is necessary for the performance of tasks within their scope, whereby the most up-to-date organizational, personnel and technical data protection measures are applied at all business levels. unauthorized access, which includes, but is not limited to, cryptological security of all data during archiving and transmission through the IT and telecommunications system, the use of security login mechanisms using usernames and passwords at all levels of input and processing, 24-hour alarm system and protection of business premises where there are computers, telecommunications and other IT equipment necessary for the operation of the system, storage and storage of all data possibly archived in printed media and/or portable information media in premises and facilities with protected access and the like. .

By entering your e-mail address in the registration form, you agree to be contacted by e-mail and automatically enter our mailing list for the purpose of sending notifications and promoting Vimport products. Giving consent to be contacted via e-mail address by Vimport is the moment of inclusion on the mailing list. The protection of the privacy of your Personal Data is permanent, and at any time you can withdraw your consent, request a change or correction of already provided Personal Data and/or request the cessation of further processing of your Personal Data and exclusion from our mailing list. After that, the Personal Data is no longer used by Vimport, except for internal purposes, e.g. for IT or statistical data processing when the Personal Data no longer enable the identification of the person to whom they refer.

By entering your phone number in the registration form, you agree to us contacting you and using it for the purposes of promoting new promotions and Vimport products, as well as for all other promotional and marketing purposes. Also, by giving Consent, you allow Vimport to forward your Personal Data to authorized services, all for the purpose of providing the best and highest quality service possible.

This Consent also includes all subsequent changes, due to the legal obligation to update any of the aforementioned types of data, which Vimport becomes aware of in the course of its activity and is valid until the occurrence of one/some of the following circumstances: revocation of Consent and/or termination of processing due to the fulfillment of the Purpose of Processing for which Consent was given and/or termination of processing due to the decisions of the state authority responsible for supervising the processing of Personal Data. In all cases mentioned, your Personal Data will be deleted and their further processing will stop.

If you have any questions regarding the processing of the aforementioned Personal Data and if you wish to revoke this Consent for any reason and at any time and if you consider it necessary to correct your Personal Data, please contact us in writing (by registered mail, fax or via e-mail) to the following address:

Vimport d.o.o. Beograd, Batajnički drum 23, 11080 Belgrade (Zemun)

Phone/Fax: +381 11 260 63 62


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