• Make sure that TV is pluged in.
  • Make sure there is electrical power in jack/socket.
  • Check how much the sound is amplified.
  • Check the Mute button.
  • Change the channel, the problem might be television.
  • Make sure there isn’t any object that blocks the path from remote control to TV.
  • Check the batteries.
  • Check if the Sleep Timer is on.
  • Check the power settings.
  • If there is no broadcasting, TV will turn off automatically after a while.
  • This is normal, but, in case the picture doesn’t appear after 5 minutes, call service center.


  • Check if there is any electrical device turned on near the TV or electrical tool.


  • TV station or cable operator is having problems, change the channel.

  • Signal is weak, divert antenna

  • Check if there are any electrical devices nearby because they might be interfering with reception.

  • Adjust the colors in the Picture menu..
  • Make some distance between DVD, Video and TV (interference).
  • The IPTV device can cause problems, if it’s used.
  • Check the antenna (divert it so it’s facing signal source).
  • From INPUT or SOURCE change connectivity from MEDIA to ATV, DTV or HDMI and press buttn OK.
  • Size, color and position of letter at the USB player can’t be changed.



Problems in VGA mode (only when PC is plugged in)

  • Adjust resolution and horizontal and vertical frequency.

  • Check the cable (whether it is well-tightened on both sides).

  • Check the output on the computer.

  • Start automatic configuration, refreshment and adjust H/V position


  • Check cable contacts, settings on your PC, reinstall graphic card on the PC.



Software issues

  • To use the E-Share application, you first need to connect the TV set and portable device (mobile phone, tablet) to the same Wi-Fi network. Then scan the shown QR code of the application using the portable device to be directed to the download link. By installing the application, you have the option of using a mobile phone or tablet as a remote control, touchpad, Air mouse, playing contents from the phone or tablet on the TV.

  • Our TVs have the technical option to install external applications, but we cannot be held responsible for the work of an application not owned by us. The application work may depend on the Internet speed, application update, various restrictions built into the application by its manufacturer.

  • Find TIME SETTING section in the User menu, then check the set time range for AUTO TURN-OFF AND AUTO STANDBY options. By not pressing any command for a long period of time, e.g. (3 hours and 55 minutes) with these options turned off, a message with the turning off in 4 minutes text appears.

  • You can contact our central service at Batajnicki drum 23, 11080 Belgrade , by phone: 011/26 06 362 or by e-mail: servis@vimport.co.rs

You can see our network of authorized services here.


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